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Asmus Toys Elven Warrior 1/6 Figure in Lord of the Rings Movie [ASM-LOTR027W]

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3.75 LBS
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Product Description

Asmus Toys Elven Warrior 1/6 Figure in Lord of the Rings Movie [ASM-LOTR027W]

The Elven Warrior Sixth Scale Figure features authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness from The Fellowship of the Ring:
• Approximately 30 cm tall
• Over 34 points of articulation
• Asmus Toys ADAM body
• One pair of relaxed posture hand
• One pair of weapon holding hand
• One pair of fist posture hand
• One pair of two parts boot, enhanced ankle articulation
Special features on Clothing:
• One pair of long sleeved hooded chainmail
• One pair of red long underpants
• One blue cape
• One belt with scabbard
Special features in weapons:
• One double handed elven blade
• One elven spare
• One sword scabbard
• One elven shield
Special features in armour:
• One helmet
• One chest piece
• One pair of shoulder piece
• One pair of forearm armour
• One pair of lower torso armour
• One Asmus Toys figure stand

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