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[LIM-008] 1/6 Outlaws of the West The Gunslinger Figure by Lim Toys

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Product Description

1/6 Outlaws of the West The Gunslinger Figure by Lim Toys


The 1/6th Scale Gunslinger Collectible Figure Specially Features:
One (1) head sculpt without beard
One (1) head sculpt with long beard
Three (3) pieces of interchangeable magnetic hair pieces
Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable normal hands
Four (4) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands
One (1) 1/6 scale articulated body

One (1) hat
One (1) scarf
One (1) Winter coat
One (1) Yellow jacket
One (1) Blue stripe shirt
One (1) pair of pants
One (1) pair of boots
One (1) mask
One (1) holster
One (1) sub-holster
One (1) knife pouch
One (1) belt
One (1) ammo belt

Weapons & Accessories:
Two (2) revolver
Two (2) shot gun
One (1) rifle
One (1) flower
One (1) knife
One (1) throwing knife
One (1) diary
One (1) potion
One (1) Deputy sheriff badge
One (1) watch
One (1) LED light up lamp
One (1) coffee tin
One (1) cup
One (1) camp gear
One (1) charcoal pile
Seven (7) Red dynamite
Two (2) Yellow dynamite
One (1) fire bottle
One (1) bow
One (1) arrow
One (1) rope
Two (2) removeable spur
One (1) satchel
One (1) terrain display base
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
**Product details are subject to change without further notice.

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