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[MM-13D] Manmodel 1/6 Sailor Suit with Rabbit Ears Black

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Product Description

Manmodel 1/6 Women Sailor Suit with Rabbit Ears Black


Products include:

  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit ears (flexible)*1
  • Tie*1
  • Coat*1
  • Black side arm ring*2
  • Sleeves*1pair
  • Navy Blue short pleated skirt*1
  • Black and white knee socks*1pair
  • Underpants*1
  • Leather shoes*1pair
  • It is suitable for female figure with a ratio of 1:6 (12 inches)
  • This product does not contain the body and head in the picture.
  • The garment fabrics used in this product have been washed repeatedly before production, and have not undergone the phenomenon of dyeing after 24 hours contact with the rubber body.
  • Model’s head sculpt: SUPER DUCK SET015
  • Model’s body:TBLeague pale Female Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton (head sculpt not included) S10D

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