[SA-6010] 6" DF Nazgul DX Ringwraith Deluxe Version By Star Ace

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Expected release date is 5th Oct 2019

Product Overview

6" DF Nazgul DX (Ringwraith Deluxe Version) By Star Ace


Product Background:

  • 15cm Soft Vinyl Defo-Real Series Statue  License : The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Rings (2001)  Star Ace journeys into Middle-Earth with a new figure from the Defo-Real Series line.  The evil servants of the Dark Lord Sauron are the Nazgul.  Also known as Ringwraiths, these creatures used to be men until their souls were twisted by the power of the Dark Lord.  The Defo Real Nazgul stands about 15 cm (6 inches) tall and carries his sword.  It will be available in two versions, the standard version and a deluxe version that includes a diorama base and the Morgul Blade for his other hand.

Product Type:

  • Product Type: SA-6010 Soft Vinyl (Defo-Real Series) Statue, (non-scale), 15cm tall  
  • Product Size: DF Nazgul : Approximately L 80mm W 95mm H 145mm
  • Packing  :  Window Box with Inner card
  • EAN Code: 4 89705 788 610 9


(No reviews yet) Write a Review