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Lucifer Cold Winter Lone Wolf 1:6 Figure [LXF-2208B]

was $119.99
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4.70 LBS
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Expected release date is Nov 18th 2023

Product Description

Lucifer Cold Winter Lone Wolf 1:6 Figure [LXF-2208B]

Snow Wolf Parts List
1 Attack status Snow Wolf body/1
2 Snow Wolf Helmet/1 (Alloy)
3 Snow Wolf Shinguard/4 (alloy)
4 Snow Wolf Shoulder Armor/2 (alloy)
5 Snow Wolf Neck Guard/1 (alloy)
6 Snow Wolf Lock Armor/1
7 Mang Wild Battle Axe/1 (alloy)
8 Temudun/1 (alloy)
Material:PVC ABS special cloth,thick velvet, non dye leather, metal alloy 

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