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TBLeague 1/6 Seth White Figure [PL2022-191B]

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9.00 LBS
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Product Description

TBLeague 1/6 Seth White Figure [PL2022-191B]

Packing List:
1)1 x TBLeague 1/6 scale male seamless body with metal skeleton
2)1 x donkey's-head sculpt
3)1 x donkey's-head mask
4)1 x decorative piece for neck
5)1 x cape
6)1 x armlet worn round the left upper arm
7)1 pair x armor for lower arms
8)3 pair x interchangeable hands
9)1 x decorative piece for waist
10)1 x leather garment for lower body
11)1 x underpants
12)1 x fabric skirt-like garment
13)1 pair x feet
14)1 pair x armor for lower legs
15)1 x chain sickle
16)1 x battleaxe
17)1 x shield
18)1 x base with holder

1 product/individual box
28.7cm * 27.2 cm * 38 cm
26cm * 36cm * 15.5cm

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