1/6 Art Figures Venom Slayer [AF-028]

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Expected release date is Oct 31st 2022

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Product Overview

1/6 Art Figures Venom Slayer [AF-028]

The 1/6thscale Venom Slayer Collectible Figure specially features:
1. Authentic and detailed fully realizedlikeness of the character in the game
2. Newly developed head sculpt with undetachablemask
3. Newly designed figure with over 30 points ofarticulations which naturally portray muscular body in the movie
4. Approximately 34cm tall
5. Four (4) pieces of interchangeable handsincluding:
One (1) pairof fists with gloves
One (1) pairof holding hands with gloves
One (1) pairof open hands with gloves
One (1) pairof relaxed hands with gloves

1. One (1) armor with special military greenpaint and feature pattern
2. One (1) pair of military green shoulder armorwith faded effect
3. One (1) brown tactical shoulder strap with fadedeffect
4. One (1) pair of Mc camouflage pants andleather belt with faded effect
5. One (1) pair of military green knee armorwith faded effect
6. One (1) pair of browntactical boots with faded effect

1. One (1) pair of forearm reinforcements
2. One (1) venom storage backpack with supply tubes

1. One (1) exclusive dioramabase

**Prototypeshown, final product may be slightly different
**Productdetails could be subjected to change without further notice. 2022 ArtFigures Limited. All Rights Reserved.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review