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1:6 Fire Girl Toys CQB Tactical Agent in Grey [FG-090B]

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Expected release date is Apr 30th 2023

Product Description

1:6 Fire Girl Toys CQB Tactical Agent in Grey [FG-090B]Product List:

Tactical windbreaker X1
Tactical pants X1
Tactical chest hanging X1
tactical belt X1
tactical attack bag X1
marching blanket X1
pistol leg cover X1
leg bag X1
dagger cover X1
morale badge X3
gun belt X1
knee pads X1
tactical goggles X1
HK416 rifle (accessories as shown) X1
HK416 rifle magazine X2
pistol X1
pistol clips X2
shock bombs X1
smoke bombs X1
tactical attack axes X1
tactical daggers X2
tactical gloves a pair of
tactical boots

PS: This product does not include head carving / body

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