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1/6 World Box Technical Geek Action Figure [WB-AT035]

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3.75 LBS
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Product Description

1/6 World Box Technical Geek Action Figure [WB-AT035]

World Box- Technical Geek 1/6th scale Collectible Figure Specifications:
- One (1) head
- Two (2) black glasses, a round frame and a narrow frame
- One (1) durable body
- Four (4) pair of hands,naturally drooping hand, open hand, object-holding hand, gun-holding hand
- One (1) finger heart right hand
- One (1) black jacket with yellow stripes and black stars on both sides of the sleeves
- One (1) gray hoodie
- One (1) pair of blue jeans with a Dharma print on the back pocket, which means to make a fortune
- One (1) black diagonally hanging casual cloth bag, which can hold a notebook
- One (1) set of black VR glasses, including a pair of handles
- One (1) pair of black wireless headphones
- One (1) drone, four styles are randomly included in the box
- One (1) silver-white notebook, foldable lid
- One (1) yellow stun gun
- Two (2)magazines, one is full bin, the other is half bin with special effects with launching effect
- One (1)mobile phone
- Several digital commemorative coins
- One (1)pair of trendy shoes
- One (1) new type of bracket drawer, with figures corresponding to the environment patterns on the front and sides

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