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[FC-1901] Magic Action Figurine 1000 Limited Edition by Figure Cool

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5.25 LBS
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Product Description

Magic Action Figurine 1000 Limited Edition by Figure Cool

Speical Features:
✓ Worldwide limited edition of 1000 sets, each set with independent limited number
✓ Two Handmade Masterpieces of  The  80's "Magic" head sculpts, normal and smiling facial expressions
✓ The new develop of the 80s old-cutting designed  home jersey
✓ The new develop of collectible handmade  genuine leather classic "yellow" sneakers
✓The new develop of Innovative design of limited edition Crystal surface Figurine Base
✓Master hand-carved skin texture
✓ The new development of the perfect proportion of the body figure, showing a 100% body proportion on 1:6th scale
✓ The mechanical parts of the body are assembled by over 10 years experienced engineers. More than 30 joints and over 70 parts are new developed precisely.

■ A total of 8 hand models for "Magic" (including 4 hand models with magnets)
■ "Magic" special finger protector X  10
■ The 80s old-cutting designed  home jersey shirt with shorts X 1
■ "Magic Hand" with No.32  jersey bag X 1
■ 1:6 basketball with magnets X 1
■ Yellow special knee pads X 2
■ 1 pair of white socks
■ One pair of a collectible handmade genuine leather classic "yellow" sneakers talior-made of "Magic"
■ One pair of a collectible classic "Blue & White" color sneakers talior-made of "Magic"
■ New development figurine stand and crystal surface platform with Limited Edition graphic design X 1

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