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Infinite Statue X Kaustic Plastik John Wayne Standard Version [IK-2101N]

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Expected release date is Jan 8th 2022

Product Description

Infinite Statue X Kaustic Plastik John Wayne Standard Version [IK-2101N]

Produced by Kaustic Plastik and Infinite Statue
Product Management by Fabio Varesi
Designed by Fabio Varesi and Fabio Berruti
3d headsculpt and accessories by Sean Dabbs
3d Extra parts Daniele 'Danko' Angelozzi
Master Paint by Dario Barbera
Outfit designed by KP Team
Exclusive Artwork by Giada Giusti

– John Wayne lifelike Headsculpts (Handmade paint) based on 1969/1970 Likeness
– 8 Posable hands
– One Body fully articulated (31 cm)
– One blue shirt (weathered)
– One pair of brown pants (weathered)
– Khaki Jacket with working buttons
– Pants suspenders
– Gilet (weathered)
– Red Scarf Bandana (weathered)
– Sheriff Star
– Metal bracelet
– One pair of Brown boots (weathered)
– John Wayne's trademark Colt Single Action Army revolver chambered for .44-40 Winchester
– Winchester 1892 SRC special shortened barrel
– Metal spurs
– Belt with eagle buckle
– Holster with full set of bullets
– Optional  .45-70 long rifle bullets
– Cowboy Hat
– Whiskey bottle
– Standard Stand (Magnetic)

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