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[IQO-91004] IQO Model 1/6 WWII Japanese Army 1941 Battle of Okinawa

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Product Description

1/6 WWII Japanese Army 1941 Battle of Okinawa by IQO Model [IQO-91004]

Configuration list:
  -one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving
  -one(1) Movable entity
  -eight(8)Pieces of Interchangeable Palms

  -one(1) Trousers
  -one(1) Jacket
  -one(1) Hat
  -one(1) Drapery
  -two(2) Shoes
  -two(2) Leggings
  -one(1) Belt(dermal)
  -two(2) Belt

  -two(2) Cartridge BAG
  -one(1) Bayonet cove (leather)
  -one(1) Kettle (metal)
  -one(1) Head wear
  -one(1) Backpack
  -five(5) Bag
  -one(1) Sundry BAG
  -one(1) Type 100 submachinegun (metal, wood)
  -one(1) Pistol  (metal)
  -one(1) Pistol pack
  -one(1) Sabre  (metal)
  -one(1) Bayonet (metal)
  -two(2) Grenade (metal)
  -one(1)  Adsorption bomb (metal, wood)
  -one(1) Black figure stand

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