[MIS-X11] 1/6 Custom Bat Girl Accessory

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1/6 Custom Bat Girl Accessory


Product includes:
  • PVC Helmet
  • Body suit
  • Gold Badge
  • Wristband
  • Cloak
  • Hollow Boots
  • Belt
  • Gloves Hands
  • Knife
  • Gun
  • Head and Body not included


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    1/6 Custom Bat Girl Accessory review

    Posted by The Doll Knight on Nov 29th 2017

    This set is designed to make a Batgirl figure to fit in with your Arkham Asylum or The Dark Knight figures. Just add the body and head of your choice. It’s closest to her Arkham Knight appearance (particularly the cowl and weapons), but generic enough that you could put her in with almost any Batman and have her look like she belongs. The first and most noticeable element is the cowl, and it was what I most wanted when I purchased it. And this is a very, very nice cowl. The sculpting is great, it’s stiff enough to hold its shape without being so stiff it scrapes the head going on, and it’s big enough to not destroy a figure’s hair without being so big as to make her head look inflated. This can be a surprisingly delicate balance to achieve, and they absolutely nailed it. In the pictures below, I have it on an Iron Man II Hot Toys Black Widow head, but it fit well on every rooted-hair-head I tried it on. She has nice gold-and-black sculpted hands (only two, unfortunately) which hold her weapons, and the batarang and gun look great. It’s too bad the rest of the costume set isn’t as good as the sculpted elements. The bodysuit looks great but is made of pleather, so expect it to eventually start to break down and flake away. If you take care of it, maybe it’ll last a decade. If not, maybe you’ll get a few years out of it. Try to pick a mostly hard plastic body to put it on – getting it on a rubber or silicone body will not only be very difficult, but also put a lot of unnecessary stress on the pleather. The fabric has some give to it, but try to pick a small or mid bust figure – it isn’t meant to fit on a doll with really big breasts (particularly if you put it on backwards). It is meant to have the zipper in front, and it’s tighter across the chest if you choose to have the zip in back (not to mention, the seams don’t look as nice). Regardless, whatever body you pick, that’s the one it will be on forever. The bat symbol is a sticker, and meant to stick on right over the zipper. It will do damage to the pleather faster, and will inevitably peel around the edges (particularly if you try to take it on and off). I don’t understand why they made a choice like this for the figure. Her belt looks nice and fastens behind one of the bat wings, although it does not always stay closed while you are posing her (it should stay in place when just standing on your shelf). The bat buckle also has very sharp points which will – you guessed it – hasten the disintegration of the pleather. The cape is also pleather, with loops to put around her wrists for a leaping pose, and three imbedded wires to make it posable. The sewing on the cape is top notch, but the wires are not well mounted and easily poke through the fabric. I ended up discarding the middle one, because simply putting the cape around her neck drove it through the pleather. This was a very bad design choice, and will hasten the decomposition of the cape. The glove tops are simply sewn fabric, which makes the fins floppy and cheap looking. Some of the Barbie Batgirl figures have better gloves, and none of those are worse. They make the overall appearance of the figure look a bit lower-end than they should. The boots are made out of the same shiny fabric, and have the same problem with the fins at the top flopping around and looking cheap. The stitching is good and the soles are well made, so I didn’t have any fear of the boots tearing when I slide them on. Note though that they are open boots, and not boot feet – whatever body you choose will need to have feet already to work with them. So, this figure has a few great elements and a number of disappointments, with almost every design choice seemingly (and bafflingly) made to make the costume less durable for the long term. But that amazing cowl… your mileage may vary, but for me, that piece alone was the thing I was most interested in, and it almost justified the purchase price by itself. My rating may be higher than yours, based on that fact alone. Some pictures of her in action: Ready for action: https://sta.sh/0gepmc57htk Close up: https://sta.sh/0oico0vtwq4 Fighting: https://sta.sh/01kngqgkldg8 On the rooftops: https://sta.sh/01fehg7nh96

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    Bat Girl Accessory

    Posted by actonfiguremovies on Sep 26th 2017

    I received this set and am very happy with the quality and the end results. If you always wanted a Bat Girl that will be top notch,then look no further. Too see mine all put together, go to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144602624@N05/albums/72157687076498543