[PL-LB2015S09C] Phicen Limited Super-Flexible Female Seamless Large Breast Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan

[PL-LB2015S09C] Phicen Limited Super-Flexible Female Seamless Large Breast Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan

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Phicen Limited Super-Flexible Female Seamless Large Breast Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton in Suntan


Product Includes:

  • Seamless body in large breast size *1pc
  • Replaceable hands * 1 pairs
  • Among these simplified versions, SUNTAN-S02, SUNTAN-S06, SUNTAN-S09,SUNTAN-S12 and SUNTAN-S15 can match with other primary 1:6 scale action figurecompanies’ female head sculpts. 
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    great bodies

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 15th 2019

    These bodies are the best around,amazing detail,alot different than the old GI Joes and Barbies!

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    Very Nice

    Posted by Argon on May 12th 2016

    SS suntan is the best skin tone to use with most heads.

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    great body match for play toys head

    Posted by cheki noir on Apr 25th 2016

    i am a novice and recently purchased this head to match a play toys h004 retooled by nouveau toys for a phicen body. the color matched well and i am very happy with the result!

    i look forward to purchasing another body to match the black widow winter soldier head hopefully with similar results!

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    A Great Upgrade Body

    Posted by onesixthwarrior on Oct 27th 2015

    I bought this body to use with a HT RE Alice, HT Black Widow "clone", and a VC Female Shooter. It's a very close match for all three sculpts.

    This version combines the curves of the S-06 body with the anatomic details of the S-09. It's slightly curvier than the S-12D.

    My S-09C is free of any manufacturing anomalies or defects, as are the rest of my stainless steel Phicens. As with the rest of the Phicens with integral feet, this body can't stand without support, and shoes that fit are a bit of a challenge to find. Still, it's a beautiful body, and I've learned to work around the foot issue. If the ability to stand and wear shoes that are easier to find is a must, the S-12D would be the choice.

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    Great Reiteration with Some Drawbacks

    Posted by Kai on Sep 16th 2015

    This new body model is great for what it is and virtually indistinguishable from the previous gen's stainless steel body type. You could say it is exactly the same except that there is a bit of drawback to this version if you are a current owner of phicen dolls hoping to mix and match.

    First, the suntan color tone is not the same as previous. It is darker. This may not seem like a big deal but if you are trying to replace a previous version you custom matched with a headsculpt (or custom painted to match), you will be sorely disappointed in finding out that now you will have to start back from scratch.

    Secondly, the mold injection points are more pronounced on this body (on upper chest and butt cheeks). You could still slightly see them in previous versions but now you may notice them more pronounced. I really wish that they use injection points on other, more obscure places (like bottom of the feet). Of course, this may not matter to many.

    You will still get soft and flexible body with many potentials and funnily enough a lot of powder on it to keep it smooth. On the flip side to the color discrepancy is that some of my Kumik heads might now match more closely with this body type unmodified.


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