[TC-M1007] Toys City Synthetisches Menschliches SM #4 Diao Xiang Action Figure

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Toys City Synthetisches Menschliches SM #4 Diao Xiang Action Figure


Product Background:
  • Diao Xiang U
    Profession: Sky jacker
    Age: 147 years old
    Dial Xiang U's father was a colonist from England, while  his mother was an aborigine of Indian Lakota. When he was a little child, his father left his mother and  him, and nobody knew where his father went. Soon his mother passed away as  well. Then Diao Xiang U was raised by his grandfather. When he was teen, his grandfather was killed by North  American Government. Then he travelled to Central America for adventure all  by himself. During his adventure he accidentally found the legendary  Indian  Fountain of Youth which could keep him undead.His friend "Mad Horse"  who took risks with him together became Haliaeetus leucpcenhalus  incarnet,which might be related to the story of the garden of Eden recorded  in the Apocrypha·Messiah.
    As he grew up, Diao Xiang U joined in the anti-government  force. Every thirty years, he would changed his identity to keep the secret  of his immortality.
    For the fourth time he changed his identity, the  Blackshirts rose and attacked North America. Then he joined the Blackshirts,  confronting North American Government, and he also took part in the  Synthetic Plan to strengthen his power. With the help of Diao Xiang U, the  Blackshirts achieved great success in North America.
    After suppressing North America Government, the Blackshirts  made an announcement that  the  Native Americans belonged to inferior race.  Then they launched a so-called Decontamination Campaign and millions of  Native Americans were slaughtered cruelly.
    One year later, Diao Xiang U stole thirty Zeppelins,  organizing a Skyjacker Regiment to revolt the Blackshirts. His regiment  stayed active around Siberia and Alaska, becoming one of the most active  anti-Blackshirts armed forces.
Product Includes:
  • New body
  • Head of DIAO XIANG U
  • Three pairs of Hands
  • FJ Officer's Cap
  • Pilot's Leather Jacket
  • Paratrooper Pants
  • Uniform Shirt
  • Officer's Belt  
    Paratrooper Boot
  • MP-40 Submachine Gun
  • P38 Pistol
  • Pistol Holster
  • Map Pack
  • Telescope
  • Parachute Pack
  • Bald Eagle "Mad Horse"
  • Diorama Piece for "Mad Horse"
  • Hand-drawing Poster of Diao Xiang U
  • Limited Hand-drawing postcard of Diao Xiang U (with signature  of designer)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review