[PL-2014-71C] Phicen Limited SHI in Battle Armor 1:6 Collector Figure Boxed Set

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Phicen Limited SHI in Battle Armor 1:6 Collector Figure Boxed Set




Born of an American mother and raised a Catholic, Ana Ishikawa is a conscripted outcast of the Kyoto sohei, a renegade from a society of renegades. Trained from childhood and drafted for war by her paternal grandfather Yoshitora, Ana assumes the guise of death incarnate, Shi, to avenge the death of her father and brother against the yakuza oyabun, Masahiro Arashi.  Today, Ana attempts uphold a white banner in a tri-color war waged across oceans, across time. Locked in a struggle with the black-cloaked warriors of Nara and the red-inked scars of the manipulating yakuza, she has sworn a crusade of righteousness in a world grown weary of such nobility.  Through creator Billy Tucci’s Crusade Fine Arts, the mult-Eisner Award-nominated “ Shi" has been printed in five languages and has sold more than 3 million comic books worldwide.  

Product Includes:

  • Head sculpt*2pcs
  • NEW Super flexible seamless body with stainless steel skeleton *1pc
  • Replaceable hands * 6pcs
  • Neck strap*1pc
  • Arm armor *1 pair
  • Samurai sword (longer one)*1pc
  • Samurai sword (short one) *1pc
  • Handrake *1pair
  • Long knife *1pc
  • Dart *1pc
  • Tool rest*1pc
  • Hair pin *2pcs
  • Flagstaff*2pcs
  • Pedestal for flag* 1pc
  • Bracket *1pc
  • Pedestal for the whole figure *1pc
  • Flag*2pcs
  • Upper garment *1pc
  • Stockings with shoes*1pair
  • Briefs with mini skirt *1pc
  • Chest & mid section protector armor *1 set
  • Shoulder armor*1 set
  • Face protector*1 set
  • Armor skirt *1 set


(No reviews yet) Write a Review