[3A-AKDAL] THREEA Adventure Kartel Dead Circle Of Dark Natured Labs

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THREEA TOYS - Adventure Kartel Dead  Circle of Dark Natured Labrador (5 Pack Boxset)
1/6 Scale Figure Set


Circle of Lab is a group of 5 Labradors in the Adventure Kartel Universe described as "The canine pirates of New Luxor." Custard the Satanic Labrador used to be a member of Circle of Lab until he became buddies with Bleak Mission. It is unknown exactly why Custard decided to leave the group, but Ash has confirmed that Circle of Lab and Bleak Mission have a history and that Circle of Lab are not happy with Custard's leaving them.

The Circle of Lab 5 pack was released as a spontaneous secret drop during Bleak Mission's pre-order.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review