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[AT-009] ACE Toyz 1/6 Old Soldier Action Figure

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2.75 LBS
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Product Description

ACE Toyz 1/6 Old Soldier Action Figure [AT-CMSH09]

Product Detail:
1. Head sculpt x 2pcs
2. Action Body x 1pcs
3. Grey shirt x 1pcs
4. Checkered shirt x 1pcs
5. Green Coat x 1pcs
6. Black tactical pants x1pcs
7. Belt x1pcs
8. Style Hands x 6pcs
9. Black Shoes x 1pair
10. Watch x 1pcs
11. Knife x1pcs
12. Knife bag x1pcs
13. Hand gun x1pcs
14. Shotgun x1pcs (with bullet)
15. Grenade launcher x1pcs (with bullet)
16. Bow x1pcs
17. Bow Bag x1pcs
18. Arrow x2pcs
19. Stand x1pcs

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