[CM-SE024] COO Model 1/6 Rennsennasige The Steed Horse

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COO Model 1/6 Dragon Rock of Okehazama Scene Platform


The 1/6th scale Rennsennasige specially features:  

  • One (1) Rennsennasige
  • One (1) black saddle
  • One (1) red cento
  • One (1) black and gold cento
  • One (1) suite of leather harness
  • One (1) suite of red accessory
  • One (1) bridle
  • 1. The scene platform shown in pictures is not included in this product
  • 2. This product can be displayed with the DRAGON ROCK OF OKEHAZAMA SCENE PLATFORM (SE023)
  • BAR CODE: 6971242120266


(No reviews yet) Write a Review