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Jiaou Doll 1/6 Young Girl Body Detachable Foot Middle Bust in Natural Skin [JOQ-15C-YS]

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1.50 LBS
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Product Description

Jiaou Doll 1/6 Young Girl Body Detachable Foot Middle Bust in Natural Skin [JOQ-15C-YS]

Product Feature:  
1x body without head
5x pairs hands
1x display stand          
4x replaceable neck joint                        
1x set bikini

Material : TPE
Skeleton : 28 Joints of Articulations in Stainless Steel Ball and POM Skeleton .
Foot Type : Detachable Foot


  • 4

    Posted by Stephen on Jul 10th 2022

    This is another excellent seamless female body from JIAOU. In general, I am very pleased with this product, although I think their marketing team missed the mark in labeling it a “young girls body”. Perhaps some of this may be attributed to poor cultural or language translation, but I am still disappointed by misleading description. To be fair, the body does have relatively slight limbs, is very soft, and feminine, not hard with well developed muscular bulk or definition. So…in this sense it may be considered “young girls body” but there is VERY little else about this body that supports or warrants that description. The word “girl” itself is misleading. Girl, actually means female child…(not adult), but western culture often uses the word girl to describe young females through their mid 20’s (ex: college girls). So…with this in mind a “young girls body” should represent a younger teenaged female whose body is not yet fully grown, formed, or developed. Such a “young girl’s body” should have the following significant design features: 1. Narrow hips (slight frame) 2. Narrow shoulders (slight frame) 3. Shorter height (petite) 4. Small under developed breasts (A cup size) 5. Small under developed buttocks 6. Soft body under developed muscle definition (slight frame and limbs) This new JIAOU body has mostly “Adult” design features: 1. Fully developed hips (wide) 2. Fully developed shoulders (wide) 3. Fully grown adult height (tall) 4. Fully developed breasts (medium B or C cup sized) 5. Fully developed buttocks 6. Soft body under developed muscle definition (slight frame and limbs) So… they only got ONE of the six attributes correct. With that said…I am very pleased with the overall quality and VERY COOL accessories that are included with this product. It comes with a new style flexible metal stand that mounts on an extra wide plastic base with multiple bendable support arms to facilitate just about any crazy pose you desire. It comes with 4 replaceable neck joints to allow for the easy mounting of different style head sculpts: 1. Round 6mm 2. Round 7mm 3. Round 8mm 4. Conical 7mm It comes with a very nice lace panty and bra set that you can actually use as opposed to the standard cheap throw away bikini. Overall I am VERY PLEASED with this product and especially delighted with the new accessories included with this figure in addition to the standard JIAOU hands & feet. I am only disappointed in the misleading marketing label and wish they would truly make shorter, slighter, less developed, more true to form young male and female bodies. That’s my 2 cents.

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