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[SUD-SET003A] Super Duck Fighting Girl Japanese Anime 1:6 Clothing & Head Set in Red

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1.00 LBS

Out of stock

Product Description

Super Duck Fighting Girl Japanese Anime 1:6 Clothing & Head Set in Red


Products include: 

  • Head carving * 1
  • Fighting clothes *1
  • Sleeves *1
  • Wristguards *1
  • Boots *1
  • Panty *1
  • Neck SCARF *1
  • High Socks *1
  • Knife *1
  • Scabbard *1
  • Note* Body Sold Separately


  • 4
    Overall a very good set

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2016

    The head sculpt is quite nice, and well painted. Suits her character well. Seems to match the Phicen pale body skintone the best. There's a slightly larger gap between her head and her neck compared to the official phicen heads or hot toys figures, but it's not too big of an issue. The stockings are fairly tight, though I've not noticed any signs of indentations on the skin after several days. I believe they should be safe. Her underwear is somewhat difficult to put on, as it's basically a piece of cloth with two strings running through the front and back sides. These strings are the low point of this set and do not match the "reference character" costume at all, and also detracts from the realism. Her shoes are nicely done, and can fit both the removable feet and non-removable feet phicen stainless steel bodies. The rubble bands at the back of her shoes have slightly loosened over time, but still seems to function just fine. Her armguards are an another area of weak point, as the red material WILL stain the phicen hands. Because of this I've decided to display the figure without the armguards. There are also some red material on her robe, however they will not stain the phicen body. From an accuracy standpoint, it would've been nice if the bottom portions had cherry blossom petals detail. The katana is overall quite nice with a decent amount of details, and fits inside the scabbard nicely. Note the katana is a bit too long - the "reference character" is actually carrying a wakizashi and is shorter than a full-length katana. Overall, this is a good set, and I have no major complaints. If you're a fan of the source material, I think it's a worthy addition. I recommend the phicen S10D body with the removable feet so it can stand on its own.

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